Maroon Car Floor Mats – Premium


Brand Value

Car Fury is one of the leading car mat & Accessories brands in the automotive protection market with over 100 thousand satisfied customers and still counting. With our world class 3D cutting edge technology, we aim to provide the customer with quality mats made up of the toughest material, best fitting, longest-lasting vehicle armour for Car Enthusiasts. Our Premium Edition custom car floor mats are made out of the best quality leather to give you an executive class cabin feel that lasts forever.

These Premium Edition Luxury car floor mats come with carpeting that gives your car interior a more luxurious look and makes you feel more confident while driving your car. These carpets are made out of the finest quality fibres with the toughest output which never lets you down. All it requires is a wash and everything turns new and novel.


Car Fury Aims to provide the customer with a product they are looking for in the colour they want. Our designers keep an eye on all the requirements that a customer wants and designs the mats with the exact same thing and test it out with different colours which results in identifying the colours that suit the most on the car floor mat and things do not end up here, we also look into the market for the customer’s demand and provide those colour that is in high demand. Here are some colours that we are currently manufacturing.


Car Fury aims to provide the customer with a variety of options in a range of colours so they could find whatever they are looking for at Car Fury and becomes a part of our royal family. Our diamond car mats stitching is the most recognised pattern by our customers around the globe since 2008 with highly positive feedback.

The horizontal stripes pattern that was launched back in 2018 is being mostly loved by our German Car enthusiasts. If you are looking for Leather car floor mats for your German or American muscle cars, then horizontal stripes would be a best suitable option for you.


To provide the best car floor mats to our valued customers we have to go through each and every aspect of the engineering to design the mats that perfectly fit your car in order to provide you with the full coverage so the car will stay new and novel under those quality mats. Every scratch counts when it comes to the car enthusiast keeping this thing ahead we build every mat with the perfect measurements of your car model and make year.


The mission of Car Fury is simple: To provide the toughest, best fitting, longest-lasting vehicle armour to car enthusiasts. People who get out there and use their vehicles to their fullest potential. If you build it, farm it, ranch it, fix it, demolish it, hunt it, fish it, ski it, ride it, climb it, play it, explore it and generally get in the muck and mire of work and play, we make Car Fury products for you. And we make them for life. Unconditionally.


Team Car Fury always try to bring innovation to the automotive industry. With our Custom car floor mats, we try to provide ease to the customers with easy fitting technology so they could easily apply them to their cars and remove them whenever they want. The average installation time requires 8-10 minutes.


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